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This article contains plot spoilers for the 2017 series of Twin Peaks.

Szymon's Famous Coffees was a coffee shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In 2016, Szymon's Famous Coffees was located near the entrance of the building that hosted the Lucky 7 Insurance offices. Lucky 7 employee Phil Bisby habitually made coffee runs at Szymon's before the firm's morning meetings.[1][2]

While being escorted by Bushnell Mullins to a meeting with Rodney and Bradley Mitchum, Dale Cooper saw Mike in the red room through the bakery doors, inviting him in. As the red room disappeared, Cooper walked through the entrance, followed by Mullins. The two got out with a box containing a cherry pie.[3]

Later, Anthony Sinclair invited Cooper over at Szymon's for a cup of coffee, which he intended to spike with poison. After taking a sip, Cooper began wondering in the shop to observe the cherry pie, allowing Sinclair to lace his coffee. When Cooper returned, Sinclair broke down in tears and ran to the toilets, taking the spiked coffee with him. Cooper took over Sinclair's coffee, and was brought a slice of pie by the shop's waitress Leslie; Sinclair emptied the cup in an urinal and threw it away, then returned to the table to apologize to Cooper, before running to the Lucky 7 offices.[4]