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Tell It Martin is the second short film of Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks.


What happens in the desert before everything turns back to sand? Why do the machines never stop, constantly pumping their black wetness from the ground? I find metal structures blocking the wind. Dirty children's feet scratch at the clothes. A child's play toy in the middle of the brush. Inside, the man with the gray elevated hair tells the people what to do. The brown-haired woman is next to him again. What does she do? Never knowing where I should get off, I see fire in front of houses where no one lives. Do you ask me anything? Are we there yet?

In a production meeting, David Lynch plans out the sequence of Jake driving through Rancho Rosa Estates and planting a bomb on Dougie Jones' car. After a minor disagreement over when to shoot the actual bomb placement, he and Scott Cameron agree to film it the same day as the drive-by.

On the day of filming, Lynch decides to wait for the sun to rise more before filming with Sawyer Shipman due to the low temperature. Later, Lynch talks Shipman through walking across the street to look at the bomb, before the punks arrive to scare him away.

Crew members wheel in a half-demolished duplicate of Dougie's car and set up pyrotechnics for the explosion. Gary D'Amico breaks off the driver's side door and breaks the window, while Lynch explains to the surviving punk how he will flee after the explosion goes off.

Two men disappear in a room. One of them has no hair, is nearly half-size of the other. The man with the gray elevated hair comes. It looks like he's looking what's going on, drawing some things on a paper, running behind the small one.


Christophe Zajac-Denek arrives on set and greets Lynch, who draws him a schematic of the hallway of Lorraine's office and how the stabbing scene will go. Stunt coordinator Brian Duffy and Zajac-Denek choreograph the stabbing itself. Lynch says the killing should be random and messy, like a "kindergarten killing." While filming, he directs him to really "slam that fucking thing in there!"

While on location in Palmdale (Rancho Rosa Estates), Lynch speaks to Jim Belushi on the phone regarding several of Belushi's scenes, including his visit to Bushnell Mullins and the dream Bradley Mitchum mentions in "Part 11."

In a meeting, Lynch asks Sabrina Sutherland if they can have three Las Vegas detectives instead of two, and explains that he wants to hire "the big guy" to play one. Brainstorming, he decides the new detective, "Smiley", will be an idiot savant. On a whim, Lynch decides the detectives should all be named "Fusco," instead of "Haig" and "Fusco" as in the script. As Sutherland laughs, he decides their first initials will be "Smiley and the DTs."

The cars move like ants along an asphalt trail, transporting their owners without disturbing their hair. Only the man with the gray elevated hair can save them.

The producers plan the Santino's sequence. Lynch reflects on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s most famous speech, praising the musical quality of the address, and recalls being taken by the woman visible behind King who could be heard encouraging him after a shaky start. Scott Cameron recalls that the woman in question said "Tell it, Martin!" Lynch is upset that the Santino's scene will be the first one with Robert Knepper and Jim Belushi.

On the day, Lynch first meets Knepper and Belushi and takes them to a booth to apologize for the circumstances of their shooting out of sequence. He explains that the scene is late in their relationship with Dougie Jones, and that at this moment they regard him as "solid gold." Ironically, the next day they will film their scenes with Supervisor Burns, their very first appearance. Knepper asks about their backstory at the orphanage, wondering if they might have had only one parent in common, but Lynch assures them they are brothers, together against the world.

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  • "DJ Hick"[1]
  • "Dumpf"[2]
  • "Woodsmen Scalp"[2]
  • "Longgrillsam"[1]
  • "MUDU GRUM"[1]
  • "Pinched Salt"[1]
  • "Ping Dorothy Hoch"[1]
  • "Belushi Call"[1]
  • "Metal Detector"[1]
  • "Mudu_slow"[1]
  • "Tile Downer"[1]
  • "Santinos"[1]


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