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The Number of Completion is the fourth short film of Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks.


Orange goblins along the road. Someone goes by slowly. Cotton balls drifting in the sky. Somewhere inside the darkened room is something of a friend. My feet are again full of salt.

Filming takes place at the Tower Theater in Los Angeles, which stands in for the Fireman's home theater. Carel Struycken works with a P.A. to learn reversed lines, including "sycamore" and "I am the Fireman." Lynch greets Joy Nash upon her arrival in full costume as Senorita Dido. Lynch demonstrates to Nash how to hold the golden orb, and then kiss it, giving it "so much love," before it lifts up and enters the film. He demonstrates how to walk across the theater with a bouncing step, like a "little cherub."

Prop master Mick Flowers completes work on a golden "acorn," which Andy Brennan will hold during his scene at the Fireman's home. Lynch expresses worry at the number of scenes they have to complete within the next two days.

Jake Wardle arrives for a set visit, meeting Lynch in person for the first time.

Someone in pink plays with a metal beast. The black-faced Cooper sits in a chair. Are the trees speaking something which he can hear?

Lynch inspects the set for Frank Truman's office, where Florencia Martin and Phil Bartko demonstrate the desk's retractable monitor. He directs Robert Forster in several individual scenes, including Frank's end of phone calls to Will Hayward and Gordon Cole. In a production meeting, Lynch describes the sequence of events for Freddie Sykes' battle with Bob.

On the day of filming, Lynch sends for some raw eggs and creamed corn to adorn the hole in the floor from which Bob emerges. With Aaron Rodriguez, he spreads these around the outside of the hole and adds black Tempra paint. Lynch gives direction to Forster and Jim Belushi on how their characters should react to the scene before them. Belushi jokes that Bradley doesn't have "a fucking clue what's going on, kind of like in real life."

For the crew's amusement, Lynch directs Wardle and Kyle MacLachlan to rehearse their lines in different exaggerated accents. He then directs Lucy Brennan's shooting of Cooper's double and Hawk's arrival.

For Diane's return, Lynch tries to evoke the emotion Dale and Diane experience to see one another again, indicating that they were secretly an item before they both disappeared, something they kept even from Gordon and Albert. When they see the time is 2:53, they become aware that "an opening" is waiting for them, but only for a short time.

Shattered broccoli on a shag carpet floor. Upside down mushrooms spitting evermore.


During a red room shoot, Lynch talks to senior crew members about the upcoming radio station shoot, which will now be expanded because of Ruth De Jong's much larger set. They plan to get an extra wide shot of Robert Broski leaving the station at the end of the scene.

During filming, Lynch tells Peter Deming that he wants the ambience to evoke the pitch-black nights of the Idaho desert where he grew up. He directs Broski and Tracy Phillips in a rehearsal of the woodsman's attack.

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