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Thomas Eckhardt was a South Africa émigré in Hong Kong and the former business partner of Andrew Packard, whom he arranged to have killed.


In the early 1980s, Josie Packard became associated with Eckhardt until she left China with Eckhardt's former business partner, Andrew Packard. He arranged through Josie to have Packard killed in 1987.[2]

After tracking Josie down to Twin Peaks, Washington in the United States, he traveled there with his assistant, Jones in March 1989.[3] Thomas called her, wishing to meet with her, but Packard's sister, Catherine Martell, hopped onto the line, welcoming him to Twin Peaks.[2]

He went to Blue Pine Lodge, the home of the Martells and Josie. He and Catherine discussed his past with Packard — who he arranged to have killed two years prior — and the handling of Josie.[2]

The following day, Eckhardt went to the elevator at the Great Northern Hotel, where he encountered Andrew Packard, who was alive and well. He told Thomas that Josie was the reason he was able to avoid death.[4]

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He met with Josie in his suite and, after a commotion, she shot him. Dale Cooper showed up at the door as Thomas rose from bed, bleeding from his chest and laughing until he fell over, dead.[4]

He left behind a puzzle box for Packard, which contained a key to a safety deposit box at the Twin Peaks Savings and Loan. Inside of this safety deposit box was a bomb with a note reading, "Got you, Andrew. Love, Thomas."[5] The bomb took the lives of Packard, Pete Martell, and Dell Mibbler.[1]