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Thomas Packard was an heir to the Packard Sawmill. Business-minded, the mill absorbed the Martell Mill during his leadership.


Little is known about Packard's life before fathering his son, Andrew in 1910 or 1911.[1]

In October 1914, a knife fight ensued – allegedly over a girl – between Packard and two other men, Ersel Martell and Jean Jacques Renault, leaving Packard severely injured. After his recovery, Packard married Minnie Drixel, who has been rumored to be the girl involved with the fight.[1]

By 1922, Packard inherited his family's sawmill, which he razed that year and built a much larger mill in its place, which flourished after he bought a v-shaped flume invented by Crosby Truman. During this time, Packard also lived in the Blue Pine Lodge.[2]

In the spring of 1933, Zebulon Martell signed over to Packard the Martell Mill, which was subsequently closed by Packard in 1939.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Packard was first mentioned in Twin Peaks: Access Guide to the Town as Ezekial Packard. However, he was renamed Thomas in The Secret History of Twin Peaks.