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Tibet, nicknamed the Land of Snow, was a historical region in Central Asia, which in modern times constituted part of the territory of China. It was regarded as a "deeply spiritual" country.


In either the year 213 or sometime in the 5th century AD, Buddhism was introduced to Tibet. This occurred during the reign of King Hathatha Rignamputsan, who, along with subsequent kings, would be referred to as the "Happy Generations."[1]

Aleister Crowley was the first person from the Western world to study with the Tibetan lamas.[2]

For several centuries, its leader was known as the Dalai Lama. In 1950, the country was invaded by the communist nation of China, which took control of Tibet, leaving the Dalai Lama merely the country's ostensible leader.[3]

The Tibetans staged an uprising against the Chinese in 1959, prompting the Dalai Lama to seek exile in India.[3]

The shooting script of "Episode 29" alludes to three "missing years" in Dale Cooper's youth (given as 1970-1973 in his autobiography) and implies that he visited Tibet in that time.

Following a dream he had around 1986, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper was greatly interested by the Tibetan peoples' predicament and from the same dream, derived "a deduction technique involving mind-body coordination operating hand in hand with the deepest level of intuition." He utilized this method in trying to determine the identity of "J" in Laura Palmer's diary.[3]



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