Troy was a pony given to Laura Palmer for her twelfth birthday.


Troy was a "cinnamon red and deep brown" pony that was given to Laura in 1983 on her twelfth birthday, apparently a gift from her father. However, she learned the next year that it was actually a gift from Benjamin Horne after overhearing an argument between him and his own daughter, Audrey.[1]

Laura named the pony after one she saw in a photo book belonging to Mrs. Larkin.[1]

Troy was kept at the Broken Circle Stables, where he was given care by a stable worker named Zippy.[1]

Laura spent many of her days with Troy, but eventually felt that she was not worthy of him and decided to set him free in June 1986. He was found the following March, malnourished near railroad tracks, with a broken leg and missing three shoes. Horne was present when the border police shot the pony and he vowed to Laura that he would find who freed Troy.[1]



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