Twin Peaks Festival screenshot

Twin Peaks Festival Greeting

The Twin Peaks Festival Greeting is a short film done by David Lynch in 2008 for that year's Twin Peaks Festival. It was released in the Lime Green Set.

The film is four minutes and twenty seconds long and features Lynch and a small doll in a room that appears to be the red room. It opens with the doll on the floor in front of the right chair. Lynch enters the room and moves to the left chair, hits the chair three times, and sits down. The doll leaps up into the right chair into a sitting position.

After a few moments, Lynch speaks the following words in reverse-speak:

"There are three things I want you to remember. Three things."

He then spasms and collapses onto the floor. After a moment, he lifts himself back up and sits back down and speaks again.

"Give it over strong. Make a purchase of a raincoat. Enjoy Twin Peaks Festival."

He then stands up, moves over to the doll, kisses it on the forehead, steps back to the curtain as a light shines up him from feet to face before the light fades.