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The Twin Peaks Post (published as the Twin Peaks Gazette until 1970) is a newspaper published in Twin Peaks, Washington.

In 1969, Dougie Milford returned to Twin Peaks and took over ownership of the paper, after the death of one of its major editors. He renamed it to the Twin Peaks Post in 1970.[1] This remained the newspaper's title as late as 1989.[2][3][4] Despite this, the paper was still commonly referred to as the Gazette.

James Hurley's mother Susan sometimes wrote for the paper when she was not traveling.[5]

Following the death of Dougie Milford in 1989, his nephew, Dwayne Milford Jr. took over as editor.[6]

Official publication[]

There was an official publication of the Twin Peaks Gazette that ran three issues. This was intended to be a fan club magazine, but production was canceled when the show itself was canceled.


Flyer published as a preview of issue #1, published in December 1990

Issue #1[]

Published in February 1991

Issue #2[]

Published in March 1991. Contained Cooper/Pete's answer to the latest Earle's chess move, but mistakenly published it as B to QB4 (Bishop to Queen's Bishop 4) instead of P to QN3 (Pawn to Queen's Knight 3).[7]

Issue #3[]

Published in April 1991