Editing at the Twin Peaks Wiki comes with a few, easy-to-follow rules.


General rules and guidelines

  • You are required to abide by the Wikia Terms of Use.
  • Vandalism is not allowed. Please revert it whenever it is seen.
  • Use discretion when editing. Much of Twin Peaks involves content of a violent or sexual nature. While it is certainly acceptable to describe these events in appropriate articles, there is no need to be overly explicit.
  • All articles must relate to Twin Peaks in some way. However, this does not mean that an article with only a vague connection is allowed.
  • Be civil. This wiki is a collaborative effort. If you do not think another user's edit was constructive, discuss it with them without appearing angry or condescending.
  • Keep an eye on edits. You may spot vandalism or an error you may correct.


Currently, the administrators are Special Agent Dale Cooper and Pyramidhead.

The Twin Peaks Wiki is not currently searching for another admin, due to its small amount of editors.