Twisted Hair was a chief of the Nez Perce tribe.


On September 21, 1805, Twisted Hair drew a map on white elk skin for William Clark of the Corps of Discovery. On the map, he charted a nearby river, which eventually passed between two mountains and to a White Tail Falls, the future location of Twin Peaks, Washington.[1]

Clark's co-commander Meriwether Lewis soon arrived at the camp. Lewis asked Twisted Hair about the map and the chief told him that white people lived in the area, from whom he received three artifacts, one of them being a strange ring.[1]

Twisted Hair became perturbed when Lewis questioned him further about the ring. He pointed to the symbol on the ring and said something to them related to an owl and a "spirit world" they worshiped. The chief then allowed Lewis to take the ring, though advised him to keep it in its pouch and to never wear it.[1]

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