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Two Blue Balls is the third short film of Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks.


Electricity, always shooting electricity. Poles on wires, or is it the opposite? Deeper I go now, trying to avoid the dangers ahead. Rusted memories of another time, discarded behind the doorless shed. The man in the dark-colored glasses is a Frenchman. Do you see him? Why does the man with the gray elevated hair constantly talk about things? Does he have nowhere else to be?


David Lynch arrives at the Buckhorn Police Department prison location, joking that the cells are roomy and he wouldn't mind moving into one. Later, he sits down with Johanna Ray and Krista Husar to discuss casting for a "tough lookout" at the farm, but Lynch surprises them by revealing the character won't be in the series after all. Next, he sits with Matthew Lillard and Cornelia Guest to rehearse the scene between the two in Hastings' cell. Impressed, Lynch says he wishes they had another half hour of dialogue, and laughs that they are both playing "bad, bad people."

Big Sky Country. Moving further north and away from the desert, the black-faced Cooper finds his way on the metal chair. The bloody face of the bad giant splashes against the wooden floor. No one seems to notice. Hiding behind my magic box, I steal things.


Lynch arrives at the farm filming location and greets Frank Collison, Derek Mears, and George Griffith. Effects artist Carey Jones shows him the dummy Renzo, which will be used for the moment when Mr. C punches him to death. Lynch directs the arm-wrestling scene, followed by the immediate aftermath of Renzo's death. Next, he walks Christopher Durbin through his brief appearance as the accountant.


Lynch rehearses Sam and Tracey's death scene with Ben Rosenfield and Madeline Zima, informing them that he will personally be hitting them with "two blue balls" on sticks to achieve the proper effect. Phil Bartko demonstrates the several different blood spray patterns they will use during filming. With a megaphone, Lynch directs Rosenfield and Zima through the scene itself.

Again we float above a straight line, drifting along a road that leads to nowhere. Inside the small man lives another man. Something is funny, but not to the woman with the brown hair.


Lynch sketches Phillip Jeffries' machine for Ruth De Jong, indicating that Jeffries is in the smoke emitted from the end of the machine's spout. He carves a chunk of foam to create the spout itself, as well as another short piece to go on the end. Lynch jokes that he accidentally made a "dildo," but gets upset when she throws it back to him, saying it will still be part of the "thing."

De Jong shows him the set for KPJK radio, still under construction, and Lynch marvels that it's far bigger than he had anticipated. They plan out where the various office furniture will go. Lynch says he was envisioning a simple set for one shot, but instead they built an authentic radio station, which he jokes could be on the air by next week.

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