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Wallies Hideout was a bar outside of Twin Peaks.


Among the regulars at the bar was Evelyn Marsh. At Wallies was where she met teenage James Hurley,[1] with whom she began an affair and tied up in a plot to kill her husband.[2]

James asked his uncle, Ed Hurley, to send him some money from his savings account through Wallies.[3]

In order to give James money, Donna Hayward arrived at Wallies Hideout and ordered a coffee. Evelyn sat nearby and heard Donna ask the bartender about James. Evelyn explained to him the work he did for her, but told Donna that he left the previous day for Mexico.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The exterior of the bar was filmed at Santa Susana Cantina, north of Los Angeles, near the Simi Valley. Interiors were filmed on a soundstage.[4]