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"My family, my friend, I've criss-crossed this great land of ours countless times. I hold the map of it here, in my heart, next to the joyful memories of the carefree days I spent, as a young boy, here in your beautiful town of Twin Peaks."[src]

Wally Brando was the son of Andy and Lucy Brennan.


After FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper left Twin Peaks, Wally was born on the same day as Marlon Brando, according to Andy.[1]

At age 24,[1] after various travels, Wally returned to his hometown of Twin Peaks to pay his respects, to his godfather, Sheriff Harry S. Truman because of his illness. He also gave his parents his blessing to turn his childhood room into a study. When his mother asked him about his travels, Wally made a speech, speaking in a Marlon Brando impression, which his parents listened to with glee but only bewildered Sheriff Frank Truman.[2]

According to Mark Frost, on an unspecified date, Dick Tremayne once tried to get in touch with Wally, but Wally ignored Dick.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Wally Brando was portrayed by actor Michael Cera. His scene was filmed very late at night on September 26, 2015.

It is assumed that Wally is the result of Lucy's pregnancy by either Andy Brennan or Dick Tremayne, first revealed in "Episode 7." Andy says that Wally was born on the same day as Marlon Brando, which would give Wally the birthdate of April 3. Using 2016 as the year of the third season, he would have been born in 1992, well over three years after Lucy discovered her pregnancy.



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