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Walter Lawford was the business and romantic partner of Norma Jennings.


As of September 2016, Lawford had entered a franchising agreement with Norma Jennings and her diner, the Double R Diner, and had also entered into a romantic relationship with her. One evening, he went to the diner to share with Norma the profit reports of the Norma's Double R franchise. He also gave her business advice for the flagship diner, which she disagreed with, wishing to stick to her traditional practices.[1]

After interrupting a moment between Norma and Ed Hurley, Walter met with Norma at the diner and she told him that she was willing to have him buy out the franchise and leave her with her lone diner so she could remain with the family she had made there. Baffled, Walter told her she was making a mistake and left.[2]