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Wayne Chance was a drifter and the traveling companion of Denver Bob Hobbes.

According to Chance's journals, after taking a map from a man in Yakima in 1879, Chance and Hobbes reached Owl Cave, believing it to be filled with gold. However, upon arrival, they found none, instead finding the cave's petroglyph, which had symbols matching the map. The two fled the cave after being attacked by a large owl. After hearing a strange whistling coming from the cave, they moved their camp away from it. Chance recorded that whenever he tried to sleep, he would see the owl's eyes.[1]

The morning after exploring the cave, Hobbes disappeared, leaving behind all of his belongings. Chance initially waited for him, but eventually decided to return to Spokane. However, he was never seen again and his journal was discovered in Spokane's Masonic temple.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Chance is named after Wayne Charlie Chance, a character Mark Frost's friend Charles Haid would role-play as with Frost.

Chance's journals are narrated by Arthur Bishop in the audiobook version of The Secret History of Twin Peaks.