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Welcome to Twin Peaks: A Complete Guide to Who's Who and What's What is a 1990 behind the scenes book by Scott Knickelbine.

Released at the height of Twin Peaks' popularity, the book summarizes various aspects of the first season, such as the characters, episodes, creators, and the series' impact upon popular culture.


  • In the summary of "Episode 2." the line "one chants out between two worlds" from the "fire walk with me" chant is misquoted as "one chance heart between two worlds."
  • Also in the "Episode 2" summary, during the description of Cooper's dream, the author states that "a vision of Bobby, lying face down" is seen. What is actually shown in the episode is Cooper asleep in his bed.
  • In his summary for "Episode 5" the author misidentifies the song "Into the Night" as "The Nightingale."
  • The Blue Pine Lodge is referred to as Blue Lake Lodge.